Who We Are

Who We Are

The North Star is always pointing the North and has been showing us the right direction at all times. Even under vulnerable situations like the world today. Our purpose is to become the "North Star" for businesses, in order to foresee the right direction and to courageously challenge ourselves to create business innovation all the time.

Around The World.
Around The World.

We trade globally


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What We Do

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Export / Import of food
related products

We export and import, raw materials, packaged goods, beverage, healthy food products, and machineries.

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Intermedery trade and
trade finance

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Intermediary trade will become important for Japan. We will engage in intermediary trade and trade finance, supply chain finance in order to fill the widening trade finance gap and to reduce inequlity from SDG point of view.

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what we do 3

Trade DX

Trade DX

International trade involves many stake holders and business customs, which is inefficient and complex. We will be involved in the digital transformation of trade document processes and settlements by participating in trade related digital transformation, block chain projects

our goal


For the people in developing countries
to receive economic benefit

Trade finance gap was first pointed out by ADB in 2019, and was one of the largest topic in World Economic Forum 2020. It is not easy to quantify SDG efforts but there are large economic benefits for the developing countries by closing the gap. All trades need some kind of finance, thus it is an impactful action for investors to take part in the trade finance.



For 25 years, I have been involved in the finance, investment, food and trading businesses of Japanese and foreign-owned companies in the USA, UK, Singapore and Indonesia. During that time, I have felt a great sense of crisis that Japan's international competitiveness is declining year by year, and that the wealth and knowledge accumulated by our predecessors is being eroded.

Enhancing trades in the international market is essential for Japan to regain its competitiveness. In order to successfully conduct trade, we would like to make contributions by making full use of various products, services and financial resources in Japan, and also utilize the knowledge, experience and networks we have built up over the years.

By strengthening trade transactions, utilising trade finance and working on trade DX, we will strive to be one of the leaders of Japan's future through strengthening Japan's international competitiveness.


Graduated from Keio University. Worked for Cargill, the world's largest grain trading company, for 20 years. Worked in strategy development, food ingredient processing, finance and trade finance in the US headquarters, UK, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. And then started up my own business in food and consulting in Singapore and Indonesia from 2012.
CEO Keita Miyamoto